UM is a fortnightly mix series of the finest new deep house and deep tech around. It's free to join the mailing list and be notified of new mixes and just $1 a month to download the mixes. The money goes to pay website hosting, Dropbox and Campaign Monitor for the emails - UM is a not for profit.


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The story so far...

UM (untitledmusic) began life with two aspiring DJ's trying to get their way onto promo lists. A printed fanzine made in the dead of night when our employer wasn't watching spread far and wide across the UK's finest vinyl emporiums with a little help of some of the seminal deep house labels and people was the result.


Over the following years it went from print to podcasts, to websites, to social media and gave birth to UM Records.


UM Records launched back in 2011 with the aim to a springboard for new producers. Since then UM has been a rich source of talent, many of which have gone on to much bigger labels and great success around the world.


Since 2016 the label has operated on a not for profit basis - offering 100% of sales revenues to reflect the tough nature of music business today. Allowing the label to be uniquely focused on creativity and music, not profit.


Across digital and vinyl platforms UM’s sound is ever evolving, always emotive, often challenging and a name you can trust to bring you the very best of deep house.